Welcome to LexiCraft

Create your personal dictionary

With LexiCraft, you write your own words, expressions, and grammatical notes. This active writing approach aims at two main objectives:

  • Improved Memorization: Writing and organizing your knowledge yourself actively engages your memory, improving your ability to retain information.
  • Personalization: You create your dictionary with your own explanations, thus adapting the application to your language learning journey.

Moreover, the absence of advertisements allows you to fully concentrate on your learning, without interruptions.

Advantages of LexiCraft:

  • Automatic Organization: Your entries are automatically sorted alphabetically or by categories, in both translation directions.
  • Quick Search: Find a word or expression simply by typing its first letters.
  • Advanced Filtering: Filtering options allow you to, for example, display only the words to learn, helping you focus on the essentials.
  • Track Your Progress: The application provides detailed statistics to track your progress, including the total number of words, those marked as learned, and those yet to be learned.
  • Improved Pronunciation: Text-to-speech helps you perfect your accent and oral comprehension, with a slow reading mode for difficult words.
  • Offline Access: All your data is stored locally, allowing you to use the application without an Internet connection.

Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eboops.lexicraft